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AIR DUSTER Cleaner 630

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Size : 7.00cm x 21.00cm x 7.00cm
Weight : 300.00g


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Product Introduction 
high-pressure dust removal system is a liquefied cleaning and dust removal high-pressure gas with high-efficiency and environment-friendly, its strong spraying action can clear the contamination on the surface of material, such as dust, particulate, rubbish and fuzz etc., without damage to surface finish or sensitive parts. It can penetrate into seam and clear the place out of reach, especially for the articles that cannot be washed with solvent or touched. 

Before Use:
1.Remove small tab on top of spray nozzle;
2.Poind nozzle away from self and others;
3.Hold can upright and pull trigger to clear valve of Liquid.

To use 
1.Hold can upright approximately 2" away from item to be cleaned 
2.Pull trigger in a series of short blasts;
3.To clean Hard - to -reach areas , firmly insert extension tube inro nozzle. 



For Laptops, Electronic circuits, Cameras etc., etc., 

+ Removes dust and debris without scratching or leaving any residue Use with flat panel displays, keyboards, camera and       projector lenses etc. Cleans power supply units, coolers and fans Includes extension tube Contains no CFCs
+Effectively Removes Stains
+A Wide Range of Application 
+Environmentally Safe


- Safe and environment-friendly, with applying the preparation of no moisture, CFC and HCFC as well as not flammable.
- No residue, high-pressure gas, fast volatilization, no effect on performance of electrical appliance and equipment.
- Without damage to plastic, rubber, coating surface, metal and glass, it will not wear or scratch the surface of material. 
- With accurate spray nozzle and extended tubule, gun-way pressing trigger, to make use easier and more accurate.


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